Endavant Igualtat

For another year, the Yellows Reserves and Academy teams will continue to support Villarreal CF’s charity efforts. To do this, the club kick-started the ‘Endavant Igualtat’ initiative in the 2015/16 season, the first of its kind in Spain, in which each 11-a-side Reserve and Academy team sponsored a special centre (for disabilities) in the Castellón province.

The club’s Psychology and Methodology Department has committed to this initiative for the benefit of the Reserve and Academy players’ education and personal development, with a clear objective in mind: for them to help members of the centres in their personal development, by acting with an appropriate social sensitivity for their needs and difficulties, and sharing their experiences with them. This exchange of values will be beneficial to the growth of all involved.

The initiative consists of doing activities together throughout the season, with regular meetings both at the associations’ centres as well as at Villarreal CF’s facilities. The members of the centres are also invited to attend matches and cheer on their teams at the Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal CF Training Ground).

The sponsored centres for the different teams are the following:

Villarreal B team and the Aspropace Association (la Asociación Aspropace). Founded in 1979 as a non-profit organization, from an initiative by a group of parents whose children were affected by cerebral palsy. Their objective was to put a school and rehabilitation centre in place for people with cerebral palsy. Over the last 35 years, Aspropace has created an organization that has given people affected by cerebral palsy, and their families, a better quality of life.

Villarreal C team and the Centre for Specific Mental Illnesses (CEEM La Bartola). This is a centre of attention for people with mental illnesses, as well as physical disabilities, and people with brain damage after an accident. The activities focus on group dynamics, with many different games, and collaboration between all participants is emphasized. From games in the swimming pool to fun activities like ‘juego del pañuelo’ (two teams, each player has a number, one vs. one when number is called).

Villarreal U19 A team and the Castellón Down Syndrome Foundation (Fundación Síndrome de Down Castellón). Founded in 1996, its aim is to promote and carry out many activities that contribute to a better quality of life for people with Down Syndrome, and other psychological disabilities, thus assisting in their integration in all walks of life (family, social and professional).
In addition to going to the centre regularly, the U19s have also done training sessions with the members at the Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal CF Training Ground) and different sporting activities, such as basketball matches in the annex area of the Miralcamp facilities.

Roda U19 team and the Centre for Autism (Centro de Autismo CAU). Founded in 1978 out of the need to give people with autism specific care. The centre looks to promote understanding of the nature and characteristics of autism as well as effective treatments. The objective is to encourage the promotion, support and defence of the autistic child.

Villarreal U19 B team with the Re-education Centre for Juvenile Delinquents (Centro Reeducativo de Menores Pi Gros). Linked to the ‘Fundación Diagrama’, their objective is to assist in the work and family placement of minors and youths that have abused the law. The Yellows have done activities with the minors such as different workshops in the centre, like creating advertising boards (in which they had to do sign painting for public facilities) and driver education.

Villarreal U16 A team and the Virgen de Gracia Senior Citizens Residence in Vila-real. The Villarreal CF U16s and the senior citizens will be able to share unique moments with a series of activities focused on personal enrichment.

Cadete Roda y "Naturaleza y Ecología". Los canteranos realizan a lo largo de la temporada diferentes actividades relaciones con el medio ambiente. El fin es concienciar a los jóvenes de la importancia del cuidado de la naturaleza.

Villarreal U14 A team and the Creixem Centre for Child Develeopment. The early attention and child development association for boys and girls with a disorder affecting their development or a risk of suffering from a disorder. Located in Vinaròs, it covers the north of the Castellón province.

Roda U14 team and Adopt An Abandoned Dog (Adopta Un Perro Abandonado "AUPA"). AUPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for dogs at the kennels and managing their adoptions. Their scope of action is confined to the north area of the Valencia. Those interested in adopting an abandoned dog just have to contact AUPA on (+34) 638 376 586 or visit the web page www.adoptaunperroabandonado.es. The objective of the activities carried out by the Roda U14s and the dogs will be t do with raising awareness.

Afanias Castellón La Asociación de Familiares con Niños y Adultos Discapacitados es una asociación castellonense sin ánimo de lucro, constituida el 3 de noviembre de 1965 y declarada de utilidad pública el 7 de Junio de 2007. Su propósito primordial es fomentar y promocionar a todos los niveles la protección, atención y tutela de las personas psíquicamente discapacitadas y de todas aquellas afectadas por otras discapacidades asociadas y comunes a los fines de la entidad, tanto en su aspecto de rehabilitación e integración social como en el familiar, profesional y económico.


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