Endavant Formació

Villarreal CF, conscious of the importance of education, started the ‘Endavant Formació’ initiative. As a result, the Submarine has collaborative agreements with different educational centres, such as the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), the CEU-Universidad Cardenal Herrera and the IES Miralcamp. In this way, the club can manifest its clear commitment to drive the growth of student athletes, as well as support the constant improvement of formation, investigation, the spreading of knowledge and innovation both in social and sports fields.

UNIVERSITAT JAUME I (UJI): Villarreal CF Chair of Sports

The main lines of work that the agreement with the UJI involves –signed in December 2012 and designated by the ‘Villarreal CF Endavant Chair of Sports’ (‘Endavant Cátedra Villarreal CF del Deporte’)- are the following:

  • Formation and Occupation: Carrying out educational and outreach activities together with national and international direction, as well as courses, workshops and conferences about sport, for example, the completion of football coaching courses.
  • Scholarships for Elite Athletes: With several already successful editions, the support programme for elite student athletes from the UJI has passed 10,000 Euros of endowment, which will reach 30,000 Euros.
  • Research Projects: ‘Penyagolosa Trail Saludable’ (Penyagolosa Healthy Trail): Participation in research projects in the physical activity field. ‘The Aula’ collaborates with the project ‘Penyagolosa Trail Saludable’ which was started by the UJI.
  • Communication: Villarreal CF will continue to collaborate with the Superior Course of Communication and Sports Marketing which is taught at the UJI. In addition, acts will be agreed on and signed by both entities.
  • Villarreal CF Radio: The Villarreal CF official radio programme will continue to be carried out entirely by students from the UJI through Vox UJI Ràdio (FM 107.8).
  • Stand UJI: The club assign 250 tickets in the North stand (Fondo Norte) to the university (except matches against Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Valencia CF) so they can be sold for just 10 Euros or, for students who own an ‘all-zones university sports card’, are an elite athlete or a member of a university team, the price is only 5 Euros per ticket. The money raised goes to improve the Villarreal CF Chair of Sports programme.

The Chair’s scope encompasses Vila-real, the Castellón province and the Valencian region, and is directed by Carlos Hernando, professor of the UJI Education Department and director of Sports Services.


The main lines of work that the agreement with the CEU-UCH involves –signed in October 2012 and called ‘Endavant Classroom’ (‘Aula Endavant’) - are the following:

  • Formation and Occupation: Execution of a variety of joint activities in the fields of health and nutrition that will take place in schools, sports and cultural centres in towns all over the Castellón province.
  • Physiotherapy Programme: Implementation of a Physiotherapy programme in which CEU-UCH students and professors develop practical sessions and research initiatives with the teams belonging to Villarreal CF and the sports clubs that form part of the Endavant project.
  • Health, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Seminars: Students and professors in the degrees of Nursing, Medicine and Gastronomy at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera will give classes to school children in Castellón on the topics of health in sport, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. These educational activities will take part at the Villarreal CF Training Ground, at the clubs associated with the Endavant programme, in the province’s educational centres or at the university itself.
  • Culture of Improvement and Entrepreneurship: The students of Castellón will also be recipients of training sessions about the culture of improvement and entrepreneurship that will be taught by CEU-UCH students and professors from the Teaching degree.
  • Educational Programme for the Yellows Academy: Students of the Villarreal CF Football Academy will also benefit from the aforementioned training sessions, as well as benefiting from a specific educational program of integration, which will contain issues related to skills training.
  • Management of Corporate Communications and the Endavant Brand: The collaboration between the CEU-UCH and Villarreal CF also extends to the field of communications. Among the initiatives that the innovative Endavant Classroom includes are a management programme of public promotion of the Endavant brand and another management programme to support to the club’s communication. Students and professors of the CEU Advertising, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Marketing degrees will take part in both.
  • Scholarships for Castellón students: Academic scholarships for the CUE-UCH and Villarreal CF are given to Castellón students with good academic records who want to do a degree at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. These scholarships expect to encourage effort and improvement, values shared by the club and the university. The scholarship programme will provide degree students with a benefit equivalent to approximately 75% of the cost of each academic year on average. Initially, 12 scholarships will be offered for Primary Education, Pre-school Education, Nursery and Medicine degrees at the CEU-UCH in Castellón. As a result, this is an investment of approximately 60,000 Euros per school year and around 300,000 Euros per year when there are students with scholarships from the first to last years of their course.



Villarreal CF and the IES Miralcamp school in Vila-real, as entities with common interests regarding the comprehensive education of people, especially adolescents, have come to a collaboration agreement; which serves to take action together to promote the importance of education based on the acceptance of individual differences and the evaluation of these differences for personal and social enrichment. Thus, both entities have taken a step forward in their relationship, collaborating in the comprehensive formation of the student. Many young Yellows players have been studying at the IES Miralcamp in Vila-real for some time, making the most of the school's location just metres away from the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).

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