Pablo Herrera

Pablo Herrera (voley-playa)

Pablo Herrera Allepuz (29th June 1982, Castellón de la Plana) is a beach volley player who counts on the support of Villarreal CF in the form of sponsorship. The athlete from Castellón is partners with Adrián Gavira Collado, from Cádiz. He has participated in the Olympic Games no less than three times (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012), winning a silver medal in his first Games with Javier Bosma.

In 2005, with Raúl Mesa as his partner, Herrera was crowned as European champion in Moscow, but the duo did not make it onto the medal podium in Beijing after falling in the Round of 16. In 2009, Herrera changed his partner and started to play with the Andalusian Adrián Gavira. They both made a spectacular debut in their first season together, reaching 5th position in the world rankings, winning in continental tournaments like Baden (Austria) and Blackpool (United Kingdom), and finishing in the second in Marseille (France) and La Haya (Netherlands). In 2012, Herrera and Gavira participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games, where they reached the Round of 16. 2013 marked a turning point as Herrera became European Champion again and got onto two important podiums in the World Tour.

Raised at the Club Voleibol L'illa Grau, he has helped out the team from El Grau, Castellón several times on the court and during the winter break in beach volley competitions.


World Tour:

  • 1st Lianyungang (China) 2004 (with Javier Bosma)
  • 1st Kristiansand (Norway) 2008 (with Raúl Mesa)
  • 2nd Athens (Greece) 2004 (with Javier Bosma)
  • 2nd Marseille (France) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 2nd La Haya (Holland) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 2nd Mysłowice (Poland) 2010 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Berlin (Germany) 2008 (with Raúl Mesa)
  • 3rd Gstaad (Switzerland) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Stare Jablonki (Poland) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Sanya (China) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Rome (Italy) 2010 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Mysłowice (Poland) 2012 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 1st 2014 Spanish Championship in Fuengirola (with Adrián Gavira)

European Confederation:

  • 1st Roseto degli Abruzzi (Italy) 2004 (with Javier Bosma)
  • 1st 2005 European Championship in Moscow (with Raúl Mesa)
  • 1st Baden (Austria) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 1st Blackpool (United Kingdom) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 2nd Gran Canaria 2008 (with Raúl Mesa)
  • 3rd Sochi (Russia) 2009 (with Adrián Gavira).
  • 1st 2013 European Championship in Klagenfurt (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 3rd Baden (Austria) 2014 (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 2nd 2013 Mediterranean Games (with Adrián Gavira)
  • 1st Biel (Switzerland) 2014 (with Adrián Gavira)

Pablo Herrera

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