For more than a decade now, Villarreal CF's goal has been to convey and represent the club's values, through their corporate brand 'Endavant', in the different activities they carry out for social, cultural, sport and educational purposes. The club, a sporting role model and exemplary for its sound economy, after having decided to renounce public subsidies has always demonstrated its community involvement and commitment beyond sport.

Since 2004, the club has sponsored clubs and athletes from the province to encourage the progress of sport in Castellón. It has also shown its charitable side on many occasions by collaborating economically and socially with countless Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), institutions and associations.

Another of the aspects the club gives special attention to is working with children. Villarreal CF has its own kids club, the 'Club Groguet' (Yellow Club), which has more than 10,000 members. Club Groguet's main objective is to instil values such as sport, health and equality for children. The club also collaborates with different universities to encourage formation, investigation, the spreading of knowledge and innovation in the field of sport, as well as giving out scholarships to their athletes. Lastly, the club has become an ambassador for the province's most representative towns, with the purpose of promoting tourism in Castellón by encouraging social and cultural activity, the fundamental generators of economy, in these areas.

Villarreal CF and its surroundings have proudly adopted the slogan 'Endavant' (a Valencian word meaning 'Come on!'). The Endavant corporate brand includes many initiatives because they all identify with the spirit and values of the club: strength, courage, union, optimism, hopes and dreams. Endavant is a collective effort.

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