Endavant Penyagolosa Trails

Villarreal CF continues to back sports in the province through the 'Endavant Esports' project, which does not only support clubs and athletes from Castellón, but also important events. For this reason, the club has decided to sponsor the prestigious 'Penyagolosa Trails' event.

Penyagolosa Trails is a nationally and internationally renowned event comprised of two of the most important mountain races in the province of Castellón: Marató i Mitja (MIM) and Castelló-Penyagolosa (CSP). Both races have not stopped growing, making the event one of the region’s biggest mountain challenges.

The practice of sport in the mountains is a tradition in Castellón. These events are an opportunity to discover the richness of the natural, social and human heritage of the territory. Penyagolosa Trails advocates for the defence of values such as solidarity, respect for people and oneself, and caring for the environment.   

Something historic has been achieved, as Penyagolosa Trails has been designated as headquarters for the 2018 World Championship. It should also be mentioned that the 2017 edition has joined the prestigious international Ultra-Trail World Tour circuit with the jump in quality that that entails.

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